Logistics & Financial Services section is supported by Tangshan Caofeidian TEWOO Logistics Co., Ltd, constituting powerful platform in generating advantaged resource and realizing transferring from solely physical merchant to service integrator. Based on geographical position of Tongyong wharf of Caofeidian port and logistics garden area, it provides goods warehousing, handling, transportation, processing, financial supervision, delivery warehouses, freight forwarders and trade related services for surrounding areas.


Integrated Logistics Park and Steel Logistics Park are located in the central area of Caofeidian Industrial Zone. The parks are 3 kilometers away to Caofeidian Tongyong wharf, through from east to west via Qiancao Road and Tangcao Expressway. Park covers an area 2.45 million square meters, about 3,700 acres of land. Park starts construction by 14 warehouses, an area of 147,600 square meters. Of this, three 7,200 square meters warehouse in southern area and 130,000 square meters yard have been put into use.


Of which, bulk cargo are transported to Caofeidian ore distribution center after berth in park. The project construction scale is 12 million tons/year. Relying on independent advantages of bulk cargo receiving and discharging in berth, the company provides customers services of ore reduction, processing and dispatch.


Depended on ship freight forwarding advantages, the company mainly contracts domestic ship agency and freight forwarding business of Tangshan Port (Jingtang Port and Caofeidian Port) and Tangshan international freight forwarding business. Businesses mainly include: booking, storage, transit, transportation fees settlement, port cargo loading and unloading procedures agent, container transportation and shipping services.


Goods financial regulatory services can provide professional financing logistics services; and has become a transaction warehouse of bulk steel electronic trading center in Wuxi City. The company has realized integration with shipping business to provide customers with a full range of services.


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