King Hall Hotel, adjacent to Olympic Sports Center, is located at Number 22 Huanhuzhong Road, Hexi District, Tianjin City and has a very convenient traffic environment. It is a comprehensive international four-star hotel integrating accommodation, dining, conferences, sports and entertainment. The hotel has attracted lots of attention for its unique style, original design, luxurious architecture, elegant decoration and perfect infrastructure. In recent years, it has successfully provided services for various domestic and international large activities such as Beijing Olympic Games, Tianjin Fair for Investment and Trade, International Children’s Art Festival, Asian Basketball Championships, Davos Economic Forum and World Meteorological Congress.


The hotel covers an area of 25,682 m2 and can be divided into three areas:

Area A: including the lobby, the coffee house, the gym, the multifunctional hall and the conference hall;
Area B: having 24 floors, 2 underground and 22 on the ground; the 2 floors underground are the supporting and energy facilities for the hotel as well as the administrative offices and the 22 floors on the ground are the hotel rooms.
Area C: having 5 floors; they are the main locations of sports, entertainment, dining and conferences.
·Hotel Rooms
  There are 213 hotel rooms all together including the embassy suite, the luxury suite, the executive suite, the standard room and the room for the disabled.
·Longxi Baoshan Chinese Restaurant
  The Chinese Restaurant is located on the fifth and the seventh floors of Area B of the hotel and covers an area of more than 1,500 m2 with 15 separated rooms. “Green, Healthy and Nourishing” is its main operation philosophy. The restaurant can serve large banquets, commercial banquets and individuals of more than 20 tables at the same time.
·Provence Western-style Restaurant
  The western-style restaurant is located on the second floor of Area C of the hotel and covers an area of 900 m2. It can accommodate 150 guests and provide Chinese and western meal, fast meal and authentic French western-style food and western-style afternoon tea. At the same time it provides guests with free breakfast as well as 24-hour room service.
·Conference Hall
  The hotel has two large conference halls as well as many types of small conference rooms. One is a multifunctional hall which can accommodate 400 persons simultaneously and where the supporting facilities are available.
·Gym Center
  The gym center provides the unique bikram Yoga courses and professional instructors for the guests, providing professional and targeting courses for customers.
  It is located on the fourth and the fifth floors of Area C of the hotel and covers an area of more than 2500m2. It has luxurious and elegant decorations and a complete set of facilities. The 20 rooms are the ideal places for guests to enjoy themselves.