Steel trade section is one of plates of company’s core business. The main lines of business include billet steel, construction steel, nonferrous metals, steel for metal products and hardware products export. The company has established supply chain marketing system combining raw material supply, logistics value added, steel terminal sales and metal products processing. Long term and steady strategic cooperation relation has been established with 20 domestic well-known steel enterprises including Shougang Group, Changzhi Iron and Steel Group Company limited, Xingtai Iron and Steel Corp., Ltd, Baotou Steel, Jiujiang Steel, Zhongyang Iron & Steel Co., Ltd, Anfeng Steel, Delong Steel, Rockcheck Steel Group Co., Ltd, Tangyin Steel, Shanghai Rizhao Steel, Shaanxi Longmen Iron & Steel Group, Laigang Steel, Jinxi Iron and Steel, and Heibei Iron & Steel Group.


Steel sales network is mainly carried out in Tianjin and radiates to other provinces and cities in China; steel and metal products are exported to the US, Canada, Germany, England, Sweden, Russia, Japan, Philippines, Vietnam, Korea, Taiwan, Brazil, Uruguay, South Africa and Nigeria.


In 2014, the physical quantity of steel trade exceeded 6.82 million tons and the import and export amount reached $ 3.1billion.